Ubuntu 14.04 ç ou ć

I have just installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop and had a hard time figuring  out why the very common cedilla letter in Brazilian Portuguese was not working. Instead this letter was showing up: ć.

After digging online on many different places. This seem to be an old issue that is recurring on every Ubuntu version. The solution for me was use the English (US, alternative international) keyboard and add the following couple lines to my /etc/environment file:

And voilá! Now the very popular Brazilian letter is back normal so you can write: criança, coroação, combinação, importação, adição and hundreds of words with Ç instead of ć

AdTech New York 2010. A webdeveloper opinion and impressions.

I came to New York last week and attended to the 2010 edition of AdTech. Besides the usual networking and conversations with people in the Internet Marketing and Social Networking business, two things I could highlight:

1 – The hype on Mobile apps and advertisement.
2 – The interest in to new markets overseas (Asia and Latin America, specially Brazil).

On the first item there was many presentations about the subject and I was impressed with the high level of technical skills those apps had. One in particular caught my attention. It's an XDK to develop mobile apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript. I quote them here: “The XDK is the world's first cloud-powered mobile application development environment. For anyone who has tried to create a mobile app using the tools provided by manufacturers, the advantages of a single, always up-to-date development system are obvious”.

At AdTech, I saw many companies interested in develop new markets and sell products at Latin American countries. Many of them already do business and deal with the regulations and shipping costs that are sometimes prohibitive to a lucrative business. I think there's a great opportunity for international business companies that understands the “modus operandi” and culture from those countries to achieve great success representing American companies and doing all the logistics they need to sell products at local markets.

If you are interested in doing Internet Marketing and shipping your products to Brazil, I may be able to help you. Just drop me a line and lets do some business.

Rims Visualizer Application Using Flash and Coldfusion

I have been very busy the past few months due my recent relocation back to Florida and working in a very cool project.

Last weekend I just released a cool interactive tool for one of my clients. This tool would allow customers upload pictures of theirs on vehicle and visualize new rims on it. From there they can save and share on Facebook or Twitter, and click the “buy now” button to see more specific details about the wheel and finalize the checkout process.

This project took us 6 months from planning, project, hire the resources and put everything together. We used Adobe ColdFusion 8, Flash 10 and Microsoft SQL Server 2010. The Flash app “talks” to the database using ColdFusion components. The database driven application features the drop down box for the vehicle selection, then it applies a formula to only bring the rims that fits the selected vehicle year, make and model.

We are now planning the next version of the visualizer that will have many improvements but for sure will keep the CF/SQL Server as back end. Perhaps a Jquery version? 😀

Take a look at the Rims Visualizer application. There are already many cool vehicles uploaded like this 2010 Chevy Camaro SS. Comments and feedback are very welcome.

2010 Chevy Camaro New Rims

Entry/Mid Level Coldfusion Developer Position

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is the main source of
multilateral financing for economic, social, and institutional
development in Latin America and the Caribbean. It provides loans,
grants, guarantees, policy advice, and technical assistance to the
public and private sectors of its borrowing member countries.

The IDB's Digital and Print Media Unit of the Information Management
Division is currently seeking three consultants as Web Developers for
the Internet team.

1. Using ColdFusion, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML, AJAX, and CSS to create rich user experiences.

2. Participating in all phases of Web applications development: analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance.

3. Designing and creating databases for Web applications using MS SQL Server, implementing the data structure, views, triggers, and stored procedures required to support, at the database level, the underlying business logic.

4. Maintaining high coding standards and practices, and exercising quality control in all aspects of development.

5. Taking appropriate action to resolve Web site applications issues by communicating with peers and other project team members using a collaborative approach.


Education: B.S. in Computer Science or similar background
Experience: Two years' experience as a Web Developer
Nationality: Citizen from member country

Web Development:

1. Proficient in ColdFusion, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML, AJAX, and CSS. Knowledge of Flash a plus.

2. Solid knowledge of Web design and functionality, revision control, Web environments, and browser-specific issues.

3. Solid understanding of UI design.

4. Thorough knowledge of code documentation.

5. Knowledge of MS SQL Server as the main database tool, including Data Transformation Services (DTS), to be used in implementing download processes and population of database structures.

6. Experience with Java is a plus.

7. Superior attention to detail.

Language: Perfect command of English/Spanish or English/Portuguese or English/French.


1. Ability to meet deadlines, handle multiple projects simultaneously, and manage one's own time and deliverables.

2. Strong teamwork and effective communication skills.

How to apply:

Email resume and cover letter to EXRINTERNET@iadb.org

Coldfusion Web Developer Positions at IADB.ORG

There are two consultant positions available for Coldfusion developers at Inter-American Development Bank. Further info at: http://wwwt.iadb.org/idbdocs.cfm?docnum=2003515

Existem duas vagas de trabalho como desenvolvedor Coldfusion dispon

Free website analysis

Last week I decided to offer free introductory website analysis for members at www.asmallworld.net

Of course I couldn't go deeper in each analysis but I could help them on basics for SEO, Metrics, Usability and Web Development. The most common mistakes I found were in the aspects:

  • SEO. Missing opportunity to use page title to improve SE traffic. Some cases there was no title at all. Or the domain name was repeated in the title tag.
  • SEO. If the title was so misused imagine meta keyword and descriptions.
  • Site Metrics. Missing opportunity to collect data from users. Like not using advantage of Google Analytics to know better what customers are looking for when they reach theirs site and many other information like bounce rate, conversions, etc.

All the above can easily be implemented and results seen very fast.

If you want me to also give you a free introductory website analysis post a comment with your URL and Website description.

Flash CS4 crashes Dreamweaver CS3

I am running Dreamweaver CS3 on Windows Vista 64 bits and after installing Flash CS4 on this machine yesterday my dreamweaver no longer works. I am investigating what could cause this problem and let you know if I find anything. If you have any tips please let me know. Thanks.

cfchart not loading – no image showing

I had to fix an issue today with cfchart and after dig deep on google and blogs I found this solution the only one that worked for us:


The issue is that the flash movie does not load or the image does not display when using the cfchart tag. Usually the problems is related to JRunScripts and graphdata.cfm.

If you need help drop a comment bellow.

First ColdFusion 8 website in production

Today, I upgraded website www.wheelsnext.com to Adobe's ColdFusion 8. So far everything seems fine. I just did couple changes to the Java memory settings, had to set again the class path to couple cfx tags and everything else CF 8 migration wizard took care.

I hope with this upgrade to fix some Jrun error issues we had with CF7. And also feel the improvement in speed that the CF community have been telling around.

Hoje, eu fiz o upgrade do site www.wheelsnext.com para o ColdFusion 8 da Adobe. At